St. Peter's Lutheran Church Chester Springs: Ronald Wesemann

From Pastor's Desk at St. Peter's Chester Springs

Pastor Ron Wesemann
Pastor Ronald P. Wesemann

For 245 years St. Peter’s Lutheran Church has stood on this hill on Clover Mill Road, in what started out as Pikeland township, offering all who had a need or interest a place for worship, a place for Washington’s troops to recover from their wounds, a place for fellowship, a place for community events, a place for learning, a place for celebrating baptisms, confirmations, first Communions, marriages and many other joys, a place for sharing one’s grief and offering comfort and a last resting place, a place for facing difficult social and cultural challenges and a place for organizing outreach projects for the poor, the homeless, the sick, the lonely and the lost. All of this has been done here at St. Peter’s Lutheran, often while not knowing how the bills will get paid. For many of these years we at St. Peter’s shared a pastor with another local Lutheran Church, not so much because we wanted to, but because we could not afford a pastor of our own. Still, some of the other local Lutheran Churches were organized with the help of St. Peter’s pastors and members.

We at St. Peter’s have a rich history to celebrate, but none of it would matter had we not continued our dedication to worship, Christian education, caring outreach into our community, shared fellowship and an emphasis on ministry of all kinds. St. Peter’s, after a number of years without a youth program is now growing two youth programs. Our children’s Sunday School program is growing and our adult education programs continue. We have been blessed with some wonderful and creative musicians who have put together excellent worship opportunities with our children’s, bell and adult choir’s contributions. The Spirit of the Lord is active here and has led to the development of some creative opportunities to share devotions and to come before the Lord our God in prayer and meditation.

St. Peter’s is a small church with a big heart, but it is not the church that I would recommend for those of you who want to fade into the background. We work at getting to know our visitors and welcoming them into our midst. On the other hand if you are looking for a small but loving community with an interest in doing ministry I recommend to you St. Peter’s Lutheran Church.


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