St. Peter's Lutheran Church Chester Springs: Ronald Wesemann

From Pastor's Desk at St. Peter's Chester Springs

Pastor Ron Wesemann
Pastor Ronald P. Wesemann

           St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in 2015, is a church for the new modern era. It is not that we have a modern facility. We don’t. It is not that we sing all modern hymns. We don’t, though we do sing some. We do not have all of the latest technological gadgets. Still, we have become a church for the modern era in that we have embraced diversity in music, in worship, in activity and we have embraced diversity in our membership.

Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s I always knew which church served which people. There were churches that served wealthy Christians, there were churches that served African Americans, Italians, Germans, Ukrainians, Hispanics and so on. My church, it seemed, was for the people who came from Europe and worked with their hands. It seems funny now, but back then I didn’t think that I would be welcome in those other churches. As a kid I, pretty much, believed that if I were to go into one of those other churches I would be directed to the exit and pointed down the street to another church, a church that better represented who I seemed to be.

          Churches, for the most part have changed. St. Peter’s, for example, is a church that serves people of many economic and professional groups. Worshipping at St. Peter’s are farmers and workers, executives and professionals, those who retired well and some who struggle with unemployment. Some of our members worship in a suit and a tie, dresses and business suits, while others come to worship in flannel shirts, jeans, blouses and slacks. In the spring and summer some of our members even come to worship in shorts. Worshipping here at St. Peter’s you will find children as young as infants and adults as old as 90.

          St. Peter’s, as a church, makes it its purpose to welcome everyone. You can be young or old, employed or unemployed, wealthy, not-so-wealthy or poor, it doesn’t matter. Race doesn’t matter and while some of our membership are struggling to understand the faith implications of sexual diversity, our welcome is sincere. St. Peter’s is looking to welcome you! The members of St. Peter’s are looking to share a cup of coffee, tea or juice with you, to worship with you and maybe share in some conversation and Bible study with you.

St. Peter’s may be 243 years old, but it is a church for the modern era!

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